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Past Due Payment Reminder

Past Due Payment Reminder

PDP Reminder service is a softer approach payment service. If you have customers who are past due but do not want to send them to 3rd party collections, we will send weekly reminders on your behalf to speed up the remit process.

The word collections will not be used, and this is an effective approach for compliant but usually late customers. If interested in this service, our parent company Stratus Financial Group would handle the outreach.

In the event this service is not effective, and you would like to escalate the account to collections please clink the link below

3rd Party Collections

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We do not have a volume or term requirement and can handle on a case by case basis. Stratus guarantees the service; the commission fee is based only on what we collect.


Our representatives handle SaaS and Legacy contracts, we understand your industry and professionally communicate any clauses in your contracts that your customers breach and work towards a resolution.


Stratus has the experience to collect large balance Enterprise contract disputes and have successfully negotiated settlements for our clients who have been owed money by some of the largest companies in the world.

This is not to replace your internal team but to add secondary attempts on a commission structure.

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