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3rd Party Collections

3rd Party Collections

David, Lawrence & Brandt specializes in commercial debt collection services in the US and Internationally. We do not have a volume requirement and assist on a case-by-case basis. The collection services are performance based on only what is collected.

All collection payments are sent directly to our clients and DLB will invoice for our fee each month. This is the safest and most transparent process in the industry, don’t wait to be paid by your collection firm and be in control of the remit process.

In the event our collection process has not been successful, and we believe the debtor is a viable candidate for legal action, please see below our legal referral services.

Legal Referral Service

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This service frees up inside sales reps to focus on cultivating new business and not lose maintenance revenue.


There is not a long term commitment, the service is scalable and you can increase or decrease as you need.


The Stratus renewal team are very successful in finding right party end user contacts, and have a great understanding of the benefits for renewing support.

What We Do

All renewal payments are processed through your company directly, or your customers preferred re-seller, and our fee would be paid out the following month.

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